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*model is built differently than client*

Setrahn is a toony, digitigrade, full fursuit that we completed in 2023.

This project features;

-Our expanding foam pointy nose dragon base

-Lined mask interior

-Pull-over style mask

-Plush teeth and tongue

-Following Eyes

-Eight foam core plush horns

-Foam ridge sculpting on the brows and chin

-Small toony wings with velrco bodysuit attachment (no harness!)

-Airbrushed gradients on stripes fins and wings

-NFC tags installed on the nose and underneath the forehead marking
-5 finger paws with plush claws and paw pads

-Fully Lined feet paws with large plush claws

-Our expanding foam toes

-Foam core tail with incorporated fin

-Neck, belly, and tail scale detailing
-Zipper attached hands, tail, and feet

-Separate zipper attached arm sleeve extenders (Not Pictured)

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