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Starcane Arts Terms of Service

All prospective clients must read and agree to these Terms of Service in order to claim a commission slot with us.


Applying for a Commission/Receiving a Quote

To be considered for a commission slot, you must correctly fill out and submit a quote application form during one of our openings. Submission does not guarantee a slot, and slots are NOT first come first served. Quotes are only valid for the opening they were given. When we select all of our projects for that round, your quote will become void and you will have to re-submit the application form during our next opening if you wish to apply again. Concept art for the project you wish to have built must be submitted with the application form in order for us to give you an accurate quote. Any application forms submitted without concept art will not be accepted. This does not apply to those who are applying for an artistic liberty or adoptable design commission.

We will not give verbal quotes at conventions or other events. We will not give quotes outside of our commission openings. If you ask us for a quote in either of these circumstances, you will be directed to our pricing guide.

We have the right to decline an application for any reason.



All clients must be 18 years of age or older. If you are under 18 and wish to order from us, you must have a legal guardian order for you. This includes submitting the application form, providing payment, and being responsible for all communication with us. We will not work directly with minors.

We will require proof of age and identity from any new clients.


Concept Art

Concept art must consist of one clear, flat color, non watermarked image. Multiple artworks will not be accepted as concept art. All concept art must be “Safe for Work”, meaning it does not depict 18+ content of any kind. Concept art must have at minimum a front and back view of the project you are looking to have us build. An additional side view is preferred, as this allows us to see the concept even more accurately.

We will not attempt to duplicate another builder’s style for any reason, so any concept art submitted that includes examples of other builder’s work for any reason will be denied. Any concept art that is unclear, too hard to understand, or is suspected to not belong to the applicant will be denied.

We will be working directly from the concept art provided during the application process, so it MUST be an accurate representation of what you want. Any changes requested after your application has been accepted will incur an additional fee equal to the amount of any new supplies needed and/or extra time required, if we agree to accommodate the requested changes. We reserve the right to deny changes that are requested of a previously accepted concept, at which point we will discuss with the client what the best course of action is for both parties.

If you are applying for/purchasing one of our adoptable fursuit designs you may not request any changes to the concept art.

If you have chosen to apply for an artistic liberty project, you will be required to provide your budget for the project so that we can appropriately design something to fit within your budget. You are welcome to choose to have the concept design be a surprise to you until the project is finished/arrives to you, or see the concept design and be involved in watching the build process. If you choose to have the design remain a surprise to you until project completion, you may not request any changes, refunds, etc. You are, however, welcome to sell the project to another party once you receive it if you so choose. If you do not wish for the design to be a surprise to you, we will work with you to design a character for your project based around your available budget for the project as a whole. You may request small changes to the concept art that we provide, but anything beyond that will incur a non-refundable hourly fee. If the changes requested are too numerous or significant, we have the right to cancel the commission as it would then no longer be considered artistic liberty. All designs provided during the artistic liberty process remain our property until the project is complete, and any designs that were not chosen by the client remain our property even after project completion. 

All clients are to understand that we will be crafting the project in our style, and that our style may not perfectly reflect the style of the provided concept art. Please be sure that our style is to your liking before submitting an application form.



All of our fursuit projects that include a bodysuit will require a newly made Duct Tape Dummy (DTD). This will need to be marked with the name of the character being made, as well as the client’s name, so that it may be easily identified. It is the responsibility of the client to practice safety when making their DTD. We are not responsible for any injuries sustained during the DTD creation process.

Things such as shoe size/shoes, tracings of hands/feet, smaller DTD of hand/foot, or other additional measurements may also be required for specific projects. If we require shoes, they must be new.

The client’s DTD and anything else we require for proper sizing must be received by us before any work that needs these things can begin. If the DTD has been made poorly/incorrectly we will require a new one be made. 

If measurements/DTD/anything else we require for sizing are not provided to us in a timely manner it will prevent us from completing the project, and the project may be subject to being pushed back to a later spot in the queue. Continued failure to provide these things may lead to your project being cancelled.



All of our prices are in USD. Payment is accepted via Square. Invoices will be sent to the email provided in your application form. Projects must be paid for in full before any work will begin. Shipping is never included in the initial price quoted, and will be quoted separately upon project completion. Clients located in California will be required to pay sales tax, this will be included in the price that is quoted to them.

If accepted for a slot, a minimum of 30% of payment is required within 48hrs of the invoice being sent to secure your spot in our queue. This does not apply to any commission of $1000 or less, which must be paid in full upon accepting the slot. If we do not receive the first payment within 48hrs from when we send your invoice, we will move on to the next person in line and you will have to try again during our next opening.

You are welcome to pay up to the full amount in your first payment. Projects that are paid for in full will be placed in the next available spot on the queue and work will begin on them after the spot before them is finished.

If you are unable to pay for your project fully, please let us know when submitting your application form. We may be able to offer a payment plan. Payment plans may not exceed three months, and clients are encouraged to pay off their projects sooner if possible so that they may be placed into the queue sooner. Clients that are in the process of paying off their project will be placed into a “waiting list”. No work will begin on the project until it is paid off. Once the project is paid off, it will be moved into the next available spot in the queue. Projects that are paid off first will be placed into the queue first, no exceptions!  If you would like to pay more than your minimum required monthly payment, make an additional payment, or pay off your remaining amount please email us letting us know. We are more than happy to accommodate such requests! 

If the project is not paid within three months of the down payment, it may be subject to cancellation or late fees. Payments must be made at minimum once per month following the initial payment. Payment date will be discussed on an individual basis, and invoices will automatically be sent out three days before your payment date. There is a grace period of 1 week after the due date of any given payment, after which a fee of $50 will be added to your remaining cost. If two consecutive payments are missed, your project may be considered abandoned and may be subject to cancellation. If you know you are going to be late on a payment, please contact us and let us know. We may be able to waive a late fee if given enough notice.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

    Once the project is completed, no refund will be issued. We do not accept returns. Commission slots are NON TRANSFERRABLE. You may not sell off your commission slot to someone else. Refunds will only be issued through the same payment method as the payment was received.

   We have the right to cancel a commission if the client is being rude, threatening/dangerous, unreasonable, aggressive, etc. Excessive use of sexual, offensive, or foul language will not be tolerated. Failure to provide measurements/DTD, harassment through email or other forms of contact, invasion of privacy, or excessive requests for changes/attempts to micromanage may also result in a cancelled project. Commissions that are cancelled for any of these reasons, or that are cancelled by the client will be refunded by up to 70% of the total cost of the project. The total percentage that will be refunded will be determined on a case by case basis, depending on the amount of time we have spent on the project at the time of cancellation.
If a project is cancelled for any of these reasons before work has been started and no supplies have been ordered we will retain a fee of either 30% of the total project cost or $1000, whichever is less.

   If a project is cancelled for any reason above, all unfinished and completed work, and supplies ordered will remain our property. We have the right to then alter that project to no longer resemble the client’s character and sell it. 

   If we cancel a project for personal reasons not listed above, the client will receive a full refund. In this scenario, any work that is considered finished may be offered to be sent to the client, lowering the amount of the refund to be given equal to the value of said item(s) plus shipping.

If a project is considered abandoned, the client will receive a partial refund excluding 30% of the project cost and any fees incurred by the time we have already spent on the project. The project will then be altered and resold. Please see the “Contact” section on this page to see what qualifies a project as abandoned.


Work in Progress/Updates

We will reach out to you when we are getting ready to begin work on your project, please refrain from asking for any updates before your turn in the queue. This slows down work on the projects before you and causes us to take longer to reach your spot in line. Instead, subscribe to our Trello to follow the progress on things in front of you. A link to our Telegram group will also be provided to you so that you can keep up with what we're working on.

Our Trello will be updated frequently, so be sure to check there/subscribe to your project for general updates. Work in progress (WIP) pictures will be sent to the client when significant milestones have been reached. WIP pictures may not be shared by anyone other than ourselves unless we have given permission, or posted said WIPs on our own social media.

If you do not wish for WIP pictures of your project to be shared publicly, this must be discussed prior to work beginning on your project. This also applies to having your project listed on our Trello, as our Trello is public. If you choose to not have your project/concept art listed on our Trello we will list it as something such as “Secret Project” so that we can still record our progress for the client of said project and other clients in the queue.


Completion Time

Queue order will be determined based on when full payment was received. Our Trello will have projects listed in order, with those appearing at the top being completed sooner.

It is not uncommon for us to work on several projects at once, though projects higher in the queue will be completed first so long as there are no delays. Projects may be delayed if we have yet to receive what we need for proper sizing, such as a DTD, or if supplies needed are delayed in arriving to us for any reason. Any such delays will be communicated to the client, and we will promptly return to working on the project as soon as we have the necessary supplies.

We will do our best to give accurate estimates of the project’s completion time but will not guarantee any event or convention deadlines. There are no exceptions to this rule.



We ship from California, USA. Shipping costs are not included in the initial quote of any project. After the project is completed, we will send you a separate invoice for the shipping cost. We do not currently ship outside of the USA.

All shipments are processed through USPS unless otherwise stated. All projects will be shipped priority with insurance coverage equivalent to the cost of the project. Sometimes this may require that the project is shipped in multiple packages. The customer may choose to pay for express shipping if the option is available. Once a product is in the hands of the postal service, we are no longer responsible for it. In the event that a product is lost or damaged, we will do our best to help you file a claim for it. If we are awarded the reimbursement, we will send it directly to you.

Local pick-up from our studio is not available. Event/Convention pick-up is discussed on a case by case basis, but never guaranteed.

In the event an item needs to be shipped back to us for alteration or repair you must contact us prior to shipping to get the correct shipping address from us. We have a PO box for all business mail to be sent to.


Starcane Arts will not be held liable for any personal injury or property damage sustained while wearing our costumes. Our work often has an effect on your visibility, dexterity, and/or stability. It is your responsibility to ensure your safety when wearing our work, including having a spotter when out in public, being mindful of heat stroke, and using common sense. Do not participate in contact LARP, roughhouse, go swimming, pilot any vehicle, or over exert yourself while wearing our work.



    Please inspect your project in full upon receiving it. In the event of any shipping damage, retain ALL shipping materials and contact us immediately so that we can make a claim with the postal service. If there is no shipping damage, please inspect your project thoroughly and report any issues to us within 72hrs of receipt of the project. If no contact is made within 72hrs, we will take it as an acknowledgement that you accept your project as delivered.

   Our warranty is good for up to 60 days upon delivery of the project. If there is anything that must be repaired that was our fault we will cover the repair itself and shipping back to the client, but the client must pay shipping to us. Any damages that are caused by the client or other sources outside of us are not covered by our warranty and may incur a fee in order to be repaired. In these instances, clients must pay shipping both ways even within the 60 day period.
   After the 60 day warranty has expired, the client may request repairs to be made but they will incur an hourly fee if we accept to do the repairs. If we do not have the time/space on our queue to accommodate the repairs we will work with the client to find the best solution to getting their repairs done elsewhere.

   We will only do repairs on projects that we have made. We will not refurbish items made by someone else. We will not do alterations to any project that has been resold.
When sending your project to us for repairs, please only send the items that are in need of repair. Any items that have been used must be cleaned before being sent to us for repairs. If we receive dirty items, we will refuse to work on them and they will be sent back.

Our work is not intended for explicit or adult scenarios. If it is found that our work has been altered for/is being used in such scenarios, the warranty on that project will become void. If a project is sent to us for repairs and we learn that it has been altered for/used in explicit or adult scenarios it will be sent back at the client’s expense with no work being performed. If you are intending to use your project in explicit/adult/”NSFW” scenarios we are not a good fit for you. This is a personal choice due to our comfort level, and in no way reflects any personal judgment towards others.

By commissioning us, the client agrees to not disassemble and take any patterns from the project and/or duplicate the pattern. Doing this, or having any alterations made to the project without first notifying us, will result in the warranty becoming void and we will not work with said client in the future.



Communication will typically occur during our regular business hours. These will be listed on our website, as well as our social media. We do not work on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Excessive attempts at contacting us for things like chatting and asking for additional WIPs may result in a warning to stop. If this behavior continues, your project can be cancelled at our discretion.

   If you are a current client, all contact regarding your project must take place through a continuous email chain. If the email chain exceeds the thread limit, we will start a new chain to continue project communication. This is for record keeping purposes. The email used will be the one you provide in your application form.

   If you are a current client, and are aware that you will be unable to be contacted through email for a while, please let us know ASAP. If we do not receive any communication from a client through email for 14 days without prior notice, we will attempt to contact them through any other avenues that have been provided to us, such as social media. If we still do not receive any communication for another 14 days, the project will be considered abandoned. This time period does not apply to any client who's project is not currently being worked on, or who we have not contacted to request information from.

   If you are not a current client, you may contact us through the “Contact Us” form on our website. We are under no obligation to reply to every submission through the form, but we will make an effort to answer messages at least once a week during our regular business hours. If you attempt to contact us on social media, you may be overlooked entirely. This is often by accident, though if we do see your message you may still be redirected to the “Contact Us” form on our website.


Other things to keep in mind

Starcane Arts is operated out of a pet friendly home, currently housing a dog. While we take care in ensuring that all projects are sent out clean and free of any allergens, if you experience severe allergies due to dog hair, dog dander, or anything else related to our pet, it may be in your best interest to seek an artist who does not have dogs in their home. We can, however, ensure that our work comes from a non-smoking home.

   By commissioning us, you are allowing us to take photos of your project being modeled for our portfolio. All photographs, videos, and other media published by us, remain our property.
   We have the right to post/use finished pictures of all projects that were kept “secret” during the WIP stage once the customer has received the completed project.

   As our work is custom, handmade, pieces of 3D art, and not mass-produced, expect some variation between pieces and small flaws. Some components may be fragile, and all will require proper care and maintenance to ensure the longevity of the costume.

   We reserve the right to reuse any molds/patterns made for your costume including but not limited to parts such as; head bases, horns, paw pads, jawsets, claws, tail shapes, fabric patterns, and noses, unless a one-off mold/pattern surcharge is paid. We will not duplicate any character design for another customer, and all characters we build are the intellectual properties of their respective owners.

These Terms of Service may be changed at any time, but will not be applied retroactively. A contract copy of our current terms will be sent through Square upon acceptance of your project, and that is the TOS that your commission will be bound to. When you receive this contract, you will be required to sign and return a copy to indicate that you have read and accepted these terms of service.

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