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Pricing Guide

We are currently CLOSED for new projects!

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The prices listed here are base prices. Quoted prices may vary due to things such as, but not limited to, complexity of a project and availability of materials.

To see a list of our standard features, click HERE!

Tails: $200+

~Pillow Style Tail Includes:

-"Pillow" Style Construction
-2 Belt Loops for wearing with a belt

Tail designs tend to vary widely, please be aware that fur patterns, shape, length, etc., can all contribute to the price quoted for a tail.

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Paws: $600+

~Toony 4 Finger Paws Include:

-Plush Pawpads
-Plush Claws

~Semi-Realistic 5 Finger Paws Include:

-Plush Pawpads
-Resin Claws

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Masks: $2,500+

~Toony Style Includes:

-Custom Painted Eyes
-Plush nose, tongue, and teeth.

-Foam-Based Construction

-Static Jaw

-Lined Interior

~Semi-Realistic Style Includes:

-Glass or Acrylic Eyes

-Resin Based Construction

-Moving Jaw

-Vision through tearducts.

-Lined Padded Interior

Please be aware that even though we offer moving jaws with our semi-realistic styled masks, the sensitivity of the jaw itself will vary from person to person.

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Partials: $3,200+

~Toony Style Includes:

-Everything listed under Toony Mask

-Everything Listed under Toony 4 Finger Paws

-Feet are an additional $500+ for outdoor, and $600+ for indoor.


~Semi-Realistic Style Includes:

-Everything listed under Semi-Realistic Mask

-Everything Listed under Semi-Realistic 5 Finger Paws

-Feet are an additional $500+ 

Outdoor style only

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