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Rayet is a toony fursuit partial that we completed in 2021 as an adoptable fursuit. The buyer commissioned us later in 2021 to build an artistic liberty bodysuit and feet to turn the costume into a fullsuit. Fullsuit pictures were provided by the costume owner, and were taken by Chris Faux.

 This project features;
-Our expanding foam fox base
-Lined interior

-Pull-over style

-Resin Teeth
-Plush nose and tongue
-Following Eyes
-Subtle facial paint detailing

-Pillow Style Tail

-Fully lined puffy paws

-Plush claws and paw pads

-Fully lined outdoor feet paws made on a slightly altered RaisedByDogs/ pattern

-Plantigrade Bodysuit

-Lined Zipper in the front of the bodysuit

-UV Reactive furs used for the back marking

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