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Warning! Video contains flashing colors that some viewers may be sensitive to.

Orion is a semi-realistic digitigrade full fursuit that we completed in 2021. This project features;
-Eyes by DrakonicKnight
-Light rig in the horns by Midnight Tech
-Hand sculpted and cast custom resin blank, nose, jawset, horns and claws.

-Hand sculpted and painted tongue

-Hand painted jawset, nose, claws, and facial detailing

-Cold cast claws and horns.
-High quality fleece eyelids and lips

-Snaps located in the back of the head for putting the mask on/off

-Internal adjustable mechanism in mask for a snug fit

-Vinyl scale detail on face, belly, and feet.

-Highly fitted paws with fabric pawpads and custom cast/painted claws
-Articulated tail that zips into the bodysuit

-Hands and feet that zip into the bodysuit for a more seamless look

-Hidden front access zipper in the bodysuit

-Lightweight, poseable wings with a 10ft wingspan

-Digitigrade padding with removable stuffing. Lower leg padding is incorporated into the feet

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