Here you can find a list of standard features that we aim to include in every fursuit project.

If you do not see a feature here that you would like us to include, please ask when submitting your application form if we can do it! Our standard list of features is our way of adding some cosmetic flair and additional comfort to your project without it taking as long as it would with extra cosmetic finishes. We are however sometimes willing to accommodate requests for premium features (lined zippers, lined armsleeves, etc.) for an additional fee. Please be aware that the addition of extra cosmetic features will extend the amount of time it takes us to complete your project.

Necessary features may vary greatly between designs. Due to the bespoke nature of our craft, each product is unique and will be built to fit each individual client's priorities.


-A blend of machine and hand sewing is used in all of our work. We do not serge seams.

-Multiple fur lengths are often used. This is sometimes achieved through shaving fur.


-Stuffing in pillow style tails is not removable as standard.


-Wrist edges have "cuffs".

-Paws do not come lined as standard unless a liner is needed for structural reasons.


-Feet are lined and have "cuffs" at opening.


-The interiors of our masks are lined, or have lined padding. Necks are always at least partially lined.
-Toony masks are most often pull over style. Resin-based masks most often use a series of snaps in the back of the head for easy opening/closing. We find this is easier for the wearer to quickly undo with paws on if needed.


-Upper leg padding has removable stuffing. Lower leg/ "hock" padding may be incorporated into the feet, or attached differently into the bodysuit than upper leg padding depending on the shape of the character.
-Bodysuit zippers are placed in the front unless otherwise requested. These do not come lined as standard.
-Bodysuits do not come lined.