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Hey there, we're Starcane Arts!

Starcane Arts is a team of two full-time artists who specialize in fursuits and fursuit accessories. We each have over a decade of fursuit building experience, and in 2021 we officially started Starcane Arts together.  We have had the pleasure of bringing many wonderful characters to life in that time and pride ourselves on our reliability, professional yet kind communication, and attention to detail.

Our studio theme is "Space and Magic" so we try to incorporate that into our wares and displays wherever we can!

In addition to adoptable fursuits we offer a variety of fursuit parts, such as tails and paws, which are all made using our own patterns. We also create and offer various smaller items such as resin TTRPG dice, fursuit bandanas and decorative mica powder potions. For in-person events we supply fursuit supplies such as fursuit safe brushes, balaclavas and belts for attendees that either forgot theirs at home or need some new gear to go with a new suit! We try to have a variety of wares at varying price points; a little something for everyone!

We have recently discovered our love of vending at in-person events, and are excited to bring our vibrant displays and products to more of them. We look forward to traveling to new places, meeting other artists, and learning more about ourselves and others along the way.

Thank you for considering us as part of your vendor team!

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