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*model is built differently than client*

Bad is a toony, padded plantigrade full fursuit that we completed in 2022.

This project features;

-A custom sculpted resin head base with moving jaw

-Lined mask interior

-Pull-over style mask

-Fully lined NFTech modacrylic mane

-Adjustable internal strap system

-Custom sculpted resin jawset

-Hand painted following eyes with custom red resin sclera

-Two swappable tongues

-Subtle facial paint detailing

-Foam sculpted plush horns

-3D printed piercings by Sere Studios

-Feminine bust padding

-Dropped crotch with plantigrade leg padding

-Removable stuffing with lined padding pockets.

-5 fingered paws with resin claws & custom pawpads

-Fully lined foam sculpted outdoor feet paws with resin claws

-Extra large pillow style floor dragger tail with removable stuffing

-Zipper attachment between bodysuit and tail

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